Three Items to Leave at Home

There are three things you should not carry in your wallet.

1. Your social security card.

Unless you are on your way to a new job, on your way to the bank to open up a new account or maybe going to rent an apartment or some other big event, you don’t need to have your social security card with you. You don’t need it. Leave it at home.

2. Extra credit cards and store cards.

Don’t carry around a bunch of different credit card or retail store charge cards. Just carry the minimum that you really need and use on a regular basis.

If you lose your wallet or it gets stolen, you will need to remember all of the different cards you were carrying and then contact each card issuer to have the card canceled.

You can always grab that individual retail store charge card before you leave the house if you are heading out to a special store to take advantage of a big sale.

3. A debit card with the PIN number written on it.

If you have a debit card in your wallet, don’t have your pin number written right on it.

We understand how embarrassing it can be to be at the front of the checkout line and then not be able to remember our PIN number, but you just have to come up with a less obvious way of remembering it. You could take a picture of it or write it down on something else in your wallet.

Just don’t make it obvious to someone who gets your wallet that those four numbers are your checking account PIN number.

Finally, wherever in your home you decide to leave your social security card and any other cards and papers, make sure you put them someplace where you will remember where they are. Don’t put them in some ingenious hiding place that you won’t remember when you need them.

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