Secure Your Email

Since we correspond so much with email, it’s important that we keep our email account safe and secure.

The best way to keep it secure is to not give it out to anyone. But that basically defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.

So the second best tactic is to limit who you give it to. And how do you do that? By having more than one email address.

You could have one email address that you use for your serious and important contacts. You will limit this email to just your banks, employers, credit card companies and other critical businesses and organizations.

This will be your most secure account.

You will access this only from your home computer. You will not log into it from any unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot in any public place. You will need to be disciplined about this.

And you won’t give this email out to friends or casual acquaintances or other organizations. You won’t receive many emails from this email either.

By limiting the number of people who know about this email, and by accessing it only from a secure location (your home), you will be keeping the entire account secure.

You’ll also have a second email address that will be used as your main email account. This is the address you’ll be giving out to your friends and most other parties.

This is where most of your email will come to. This is the address you will be probably accessing several times each day.

If this account becomes compromised, it won’t be the end of the world. It’ll be inconvenient, but it won’t hurt financially.

Some people will also have a third email. This email will be somewhat temporary.

People will use this email in situations where they are using unsecure Wi-Fi or public computers or when signing up for something and an email address needs to be entered but you aren’t interested in actually receiving any future email coming to that address.

There are a few different companies who offer these free, disposable email accounts.

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