Here’s a list of government sites, organizations and services that may be able to help you out.

Federal Trade Commission
You can report identity theft at their website using their complaint assistance program.

The first of the big three credit reporting agencies.

The second of the major credit reporting agencies.

The third major credit reporting outfit.

Annual Credit Report
This is the site where you can order your free credit report.

You can learn more than you want to know about checking accounts, including what to do if you find someone has opened one in your name.

Department of Justice
Information, tips and suggestions regarding identity fraud.

Fast Data / TeleCheck Services
This is where you can report check fraud or forgery issues.

Identity Theft Resource Center
This is a nonprofit national organization which provides consumer and victim support, public education and advice.

Identity Fraud
Identity Fraud is an insurance intermediary and insurance program administrator of cyber liability insurance and identity theft risk management to businesses and organizations.

Information for Taxpayers from the IRS
Publication 5027 is a short explanation of what to look for with regards to federal tax returns and what to do if you notice something fishy.

IRS Protection Tips
Short page of basic tips regarding keeping your financial matters secret. Also includes an email address where you can send them any suspicious email:

IRS’s Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft
Brief info about this issue from the IRS main site.

National Fraud Information Center
This website talks about the broader topic of fraud — how to spot scams and file a complaint.
This is a website operated by the credit reporting industry. It allows individuals to opt in or out of receiving pre-screened credit and insurance offers.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Organization dedicated to personal privacy issues.

Resource Section of the FTC Website
The FTC lists a few of their booklets and online information pages.

Social Security Administration
Has ID theft info plus you can check out your Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement for mistakes.

U.S. Department of State
This is the website where you can report a stolen or lost passport.

Paid Services

LifeLock seems to be the most recognized of the various id protection services.

They constantly scan various areas of the financial network in order to spot any potential threats to their members.

LifeLock’s proactive service uses cutting edge technology to help protect their members against id theft before it even occurs.

They have a resolution support service in case any identity theft occurs. This is available only to U.S. residents.

TrustedID offers identity protection services by focusing on credit monitoring, ID protection, reputation management and privacy protection to help safeguard individuals from credit and ID theft.

They alert their members to any changes in their credit files. They also perform scans of black market sites that sell personal and credit card data, looking for any mention of their clients. Their Identity Theft Score system analyzes your situation and grades your overall safety.

Identity Guard
Identity Guard provides personal information monitoring, identity and credit protection and recovery assistance.

Their goal is to keep your personal data, public records, financial info and computers safe from criminal activity.

They monitor your name and personal details and alert you if they notice something that looks unusual or suspicious. They can alert you by Email, text or phone.

Identity Guard also provides personal recovery assistance in case your identity is ever compromised. You might also take advantage of their lost wallet protection service.

IdentityForce has been a long-time provider of proactive identity, credit and privacy protection.

They provide constant credit account monitoring and personal security solutions to individuals. They monitor thousands of websites, looking to detect the selling of personal and financial information. If you suffer from ID fraud, they will work together with you to take care of it.

AllClear ID
AllClear ID offers identity theft monitoring and credit monitoring.

Their AllClear Pro program is a monthly subscription service that includes identity repair and restoration, fraud detection, credit monitoring of all three reporting agencies, lost wallet protection, and fast detailed phone alerts.

Once you are a subscriber, if you suspect you have become a victim of fraud, you can speak with one of their investigators.

ID Watchdog
ID Watchdog is a consumer identity theft protection service based in Denver, Colorado.

Their service monitors thousands of information databases and alerts you when any new or updated details are detected. They monitor your credit report and perform monthly scans of public records databases searching for data associated with your social Security number.

They also look through the National Change of Address (NCOA) database, which lists new addresses associated with your personal details.

IdentityProtect offers daily monitoring of credit reports, email alerts on credit changes, credit fraud consultations for their members.

Premium memberships include internet surveillance monitoring, access to identity theft recovery specialists, lost wallet protection, ID theft insurance and total family protection.

PrivacyGuard is a credit monitoring and ID theft protection service that can help you watch over your personal information.

They offer monitoring and restoration tools and services to look after your data and help you fix and repair your credit reports in case you become an identity theft victim.

They monitor your personal file at all three credit bureaus.

ProtectMyID provides daily personal information monitoring and detection, Internet scanning for unauthorized listings of personal details, mail address monitoring, lost wallet protection and fraud resolution solutions.

They monitor your credit report daily for over 50 leading indicators of potential ID theft. If they notice anything irregular, they alert you via text or email.

They are part of Experian Interactive, which includes ownership of Experian, one of the big three credit bureaus. ProtectMyID accesses and monitors the personal identities of the Experian accounts of its clients.



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