Protect Your Computer

Most likely, there is a lot of important stuff on your computer. You need to prevent that computer from being lost or stolen.

Fortunately, most of the people who might pick up your computer are not really interested with what is on your computer, they just want to turn it into some quick cash.

But it can be a big problem if your computer falls into the hands of someone who is interested with what is on it. In these situations, simply replacing your computer may be the least of your worries.

At the very least, don’t leave your computer sitting somewhere where it tempts someone to grab it and run. Unfortunately, there are desperate people out there — don’t tempt them with your laptop.

Besides being cautious, your best strategy is to have more than one computer. If you have a second or third computer, you have some options when it comes to security.

For example, you can use a desktop PC or other computer just at home. This is the computer you would use for your serious activities such as doing your taxes, logging into your bank accounts and shopping.

This computer doesn’t leave the house, so the likelihood of it ever being stolen or lost is minimal.

Your second computer can be the one that you haul around with you outside the house. You use this one for your less serious activities such as casual web browsing, reading email, watching videos and going on Facebook.

This way, if you lose your laptop one day, at least you won’t be losing a bunch of sensitive information with it.

If you are unable to go with more than one computer, at least make a solid attempt at hiding your personal details.

You don’t want to label folders or documents with obvious names such as “Passwords” or “Bank Info”.

If your computer falls into somebody’s hands, you don’t want to make it super easy for them to know that you have financial details on it. Label financial folders with uninteresting names such as “Baby Pictures” or “Organic Gardening” instead.

You can’t protect yourself from the professional ID thief who gets your computer. You just don’t want to make it easy for the casual thief.

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